What I did Over Spring Break

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My Spring Break was something straight. The week leading up to Spring Break went by fast, class was still intense but it was okay. That Friday I didn’t go to school. (Thank God for my mom.) Friday was a chill day for me, watched some movies ( Iron Man 3, Bad Boys) next we went shopping. I saw two of my friends while at Rue 21, we hung out for a while. Saturday I went to my friend Shyonna’s hotel party,  that was turnt. Sunday I was mostly chilling at Shyonna’s house.

Monday I helped my mom set up for my Aunt Kashti’s surprise birthday party. The hardest thing of that was baking the kit-kat cake, that was work. We had to bake four cakes because we stacking them into layers. I wanted to icing it but my mom wouldn’t let me. Later on when they were stacking the fourth layer they called my name downstairs. They wanted me to put the icing the cake because it had started falling apart, of course, I knew what I was doing and managed to save the cake. We then just laid back and laughed and ate.The rest of the week I didn’t do much, watched movies, went to the mall, nothing but the usual. I would say that my Spring was pretty good.

Who are Prometheus & Gaea?

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Mythology is a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition.

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus brought fire to mankind, which created a pathway , leading them to civilization. The element of fire brings the people power. Prometheus knew that he would suffer because the Gods did not want the humans to have power. Prometheus sacrificed himself for the good of the people.

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Book Burning Article

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Not only do I think book burning is wrong, I know it is wrong.  Book burning was a ritual for the people. They even had people burning nobel prize stories. I think that this is very bad because we lose the imagination and realization of the world. Books come with knowledge whether fiction or non fiction. Without books we as humans would be stupid. History would keep repeating itself and we’d be doomed to no end of an non accelerating species.

Flowers from Algernon: Universal Theme

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Have you been bullied or seen somebody bullied for not being smart? 

Charlie Gordon is an 37 year old man who can not read or write as he should be able to. At his job the workers make fun of him. Now he is trying to help to become smarter, he wants to be smart so bad.

I’ve seen people get picked on for not being smart. They may laugh like they don’t care, but inside they do. All you can do is try your best and seek extra help.

Can you relate to this or have any examples?

Article of the week- “Where is Flight 370?”

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I’m sure everybody has heard about the flight that suddenly disappeared. I wonder what happened to the plane? Aren’t their workers who are tracking the plane? How is it possible that a plane can just up and suddenly disappear?  Is there something more behind it? It could be the government. I mean how doe we know? We never do, now do we?

From what I know there are several theories on what could have happened to the plane. There has been talk of  a terrorist suggestion, hijacking or mechanical failure. I think the first two are a possible theory. The third one doesn’t fly with me. If there was mechanical failure, the plane would have crashed. Many people are leaning to a plane crash. They compare it to the 2009 flight that had somewhat of a relation. But here things are different. There are so many reasons why it couldn’t have crashed. The cell phones of the victims on the plane still ring once, usually it would go straight to voice mail. Somethings not right.

I’m leaning towards the fact the plane could have been hijacked. Simply because there were about 4 people with fake passports and that raises enough suspicion for me.  Also the fact that they were tracking the plane and then all of sudden it just disappears, and there are devices that can do that. I think that is 100% possible. This story is going to continue raise questions.